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Terms and Conditions


Client must understand fly fishing is an at risk activity. Guide and/or Daniel Creek Outfitters is not liable for any slip and falls or possible injury that may or may occur while in the act of, to include, but not limited to - fishing/wading/casting/hiking/eating/tying of knots/handling of fish/ handling of flies/or any activity that guide and or Daniel Creek Outfitters may or may not do.


By booking a trip, you do hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth above included or unforeseen. Client assumes any and all risk with this activity and shall not hold Daniel Creek Outfitters and/or the guide liable for any injury, physical or emotional, that may incur during your trip.


Again, as stated above, client assumes this risk and anything associated with the act of fly fishing and the travel to and from the body of water of that days trip, to be chosen by the guide.


Although Daniel Creek Outfitters assumes no liability for your actions, the guide will do his best to help you have a good experience.


If you are booking a trip, once booked, you as the client assume any and all risk associated with everything within your person both known and unknown. Client shall be responsible for their own footing/balance and any other activity during your trip.


Booking a trip is acknowledgement of your understanding that Daniel Creek Outfitters or an employee thereof cannot be held liable for any accident.



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